GAHA Ramp mill, regrade, and asphalt is in the Engineering Phase

Published on 2/16/2023
City of Glendale Airport requested a grant through the FAA and State of Arizona Transportation Department for funding to mill, regrade, and asphalt the entirety of the 17ac ramp space from Alpha through Juliet Rows in 2019.  After many delays the survey has been completed and engineering company is completing the initial 30% design phase.  Updates will be posted here as the engineering surveys are completed and assignment of phases of the project are announced.  The project currently includes 5' concrete aprons on the north and south side of all hangars.  This will allow a smooth transition to the door track as well as resecuring sinking footings on some doors.  As this is in the design phase, GAHA has been asked to participate in the conversation to identify shortcomings in the current profile and potential issues that can be solved with this new ramp replacement.  The current list includes proper drainage away from hangars on all sides to alleviate the flooding that is occurring in some units,  tying existing door footers/tracks to the new concrete apron to allow for proper door weight support and prevent future sagging, replacing painted stripes and door centerlines after project completion, and ensuring adequate drainage from open surfaces to subsurface drainage points or surface runoff areas to the west.  One area of concern outside the scope is at the pilot lounge apron between the front door and parking lot.  This area may need a concrete pad installed and sloped to the lot as the height of the pilot lounge slab is to shallow to allow for proper drainage away from the building.   More information will be available as the design progresses.  Please email us with questions, concerns, or comments as we can pass these along to the City of Glendale Airport of the engineering team.

Scott Dalgliesh
Glendale Hangars Management